Conceptual Site Planning

Norway Plains Associates can develop conceptual site plans for commercial or residential projects. This includes feasibility studies, conceptual plans, land use plans and economic development studies.

Plan right

Beginning with feasibility, we can review your ideas to make sure you comply with local/state regulations. 

From there, conceptual plans are the earliest stage of a project's design.  These plans are intended to show basic land feature locations, height and mass of buildings, lot coverage, lot divisions and the overall capacity of a potential development. Concepts clarify your design preferences and intent.

We have prepared land use plans and economic development studies for large developers and municipalities and we have prepared concept plans to subdivide residential lots as well.


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Why are concept plans important?

No one wants to waste time or money on a project that is not realistic.  We can review local and state regulations to make sure your project is feasible before you enter design phase.  We can make several renditions of your project too, so you can decide on the best workable fit for you.