FEMA Flood Certificates / LOMA Applications

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) identifies areas at risk for potential disasters and tracks floodplain information.  How is this important to you?  Insurance companies use that floodplain information to decide what to charge you for flood insurance.   

Can you save on flood insurance with a Flood Elevation Certificate?

Norway Plains Associates can perform elevation surveys to confirm the accuracy of FEMA's floodplain determination that could save money on your flood insurance or mortgage payments.

Let us perform a Flood Certificate Survey to determine if FEMA's claims are accurate.  If not, based on actual site conditions, you can apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to potentially remove your property from that "high risk" category and put money back in your pocket. We have the information you need.

Flood Insurance

What are the steps to save on flood insurance?

  • Obtain a professional flood elevation survey
  • Determine difference in flood plain
  • Submit LOMA for FEMA review
  • Receive revised area flood plain document from FEMA
  • Contact insurance company