about us

Norway Plains Associates, Inc.

Norway Plains Associates, Inc. has been providing quality surveying and civil engineering services for over 30 years.

We have built an extensive network of repeat clients who time and time again have put their faith and trust in our ability to complete their project in a professional and timely manner.

Company History

Founded in 1986, we named our company after the original name given to the village of Rochester by its early settlers. The original principals of the company, Art Nickless, Randy Tetreault and Charlie Karcher, worked together for over 30 years. This long-term association coupled with a hands-on managerial approach became a great foundation for the success of Norway Plains Associates.

The last few years have brought many changes: Art passed away and Charlie semi-retired and is now a seasonal employee. Randy now leads the company but he has been careful to preserve the essential core values of the business to keep us going strong and ensure continued excellence in the workforce.

The majority of our personnel are Licensed Land Surveyors, Licensed Professional Engineers and Licensed New Hampshire Subsurface System Designers and almost the entire staff has work together for many years which provides a unique advantage for our clients and company.

" … and a surveyor was appointed to lay out the plantation in one hundred and twenty-five lots of sixty acres each, in ranges from the Salmon Falls River to the Barrington line. The small size of the lots left the larger portion of the granted tract undisposed of and December 17, 1730 another drawing was held for lots consisting of two hundred and forty acres.

The land, then divided, included a large part of the territory now in Milton and Farmington and also a level tract which was called NORWAY PLAINS on account of its being covered by Norway Pines … A considerable portion of this tract was left common and is now the site of Rochester Village."