Mortgage Inspections / Plot Plans

Reputable lenders require a mortgage inspection report and sketch to help confirm land details for the buyer. When you purchase a home, some lenders require mortgage inspections.

Location of land structures

Mortgage inspections are not boundary surveys, but are intended to note land structure locations (houses, garages, sheds, decks, etc.) as they relate to lending issues.

More detailed mortgage foundation location surveys are used by mortgage and title companies to determine whether buildings are located on your land and ensure that your property is free of encroachments or overlooked easements.


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Why a Mortgage Inspection is Important

In one of our recent projects we came across an inconsistency in the placement of a driveway on the property.  We surveyed the property in question and found that a driveway had not been built correctly during construction. This driveway had been recently repaved, so moving it would have been a big hassle to the homeowner.

The buyer and seller were able to negotiate an easement on the property and correct amend the plans for the mortgage inspection.