Computer aided Civil Engineering

Expertise in Civil Engineering

Norway Plains' engineering is a top choice for clients of large commercial and industrial projects in the area. Our engineering skill, professionalism and attention to detail is reputed by local towns, cities and state agencies, expediting the review process.  We have developed long-term client relationships as companies have grown and expanded using our designs.

Our field of expertise

  • Site feasibility studies
  • Conceptual site design
  • Drainage and topographic surveys
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Site engineering
  • Drainage analysis
  • Local / state / federal permitting
  • Site layout
  • Professional Engineer inspections
  • As-built construction plans


Engineering Computer Plans

Civil Engineer vs. Structural Engineer

Norway Plains Associates employs licensed Civil Engineers involved in site design and drainage design.  Civil engineering involves the proper layout of predesigned structures, insuring the safety of such structures through proper drainage manipulation, access plans and site organization planning. 

Structural Engineering involves building design and weight distribution of structures such as decks, supporting walls, bridges. Norway Plains can recommend capable structural engineers for your area.